The Butter Chicken Bagel

The Butter Chicken Bagel

We have been working on something very exciting over the past few months at Venn.  In collaboration with our fellow East Victoria Park friends over at Toast My Curry we are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Today we are launching the Butter Chicken Bagel!

Combining fragrant spices, a creamy mild curry schmear and tender chicken pieces this is a tasty and satisfying lunchtime treat. You can get this five-star pairing with your favourite bagel when you visit us, or on your choice of Naan at Toast My Curry's East Victoria Park location (2/11 Milford St, East Victoria Park)!

Community is at the heart of everything we do, something we greatly value and it has meant the world to us that we have had the opportunity to work alongside Pankaj and the team at Toast My Curry. We urge you to go and pay them a visit, and we hope you enjoy the Butter Chicken Bagel as much as we do!

Get in quick as this delicious bagel combination will be around for a limited time only! You can order it with your next caffeine top up from our online ordering platform.

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