Turkish Apricot

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Roasted by Venn
SCA Score 88
Intensity • • • • ◦
Best Served Black
Origin Ethiopia
Region Sidama
Elevation 1650 - 2000 MASL
Varietal JARC 74110

We are thrilled to offer you this highly sought-after natural Ethiopian coffee, produced in the town of Bombe Faficho, in the Bensa district of the Sidamo region.

The Bombe Faficho mill is managed by Mr Buriso Ameje, and processes cherries from around 250 local smallholder farmers. This particular varietal, the JARC 74110, is a unique Ethiopian indigenous 'heirloom' variety. Selected for its resistance to the coffee berry disease, high yield and quality, it was developed from wild coffee plants native to Western Ethiopia. 

With production located at the highest altitude in the Sidama region, organic practices and an abundance of local knowledge contributes to the high-quality status of the coffees Bombe Faficho deliver. This ideal terrior combined produces unique flavour notes that make for a high quality delicate and refined cup, with the region producing some of the most sought-after micro-lots in the world.

Ideal on filter and served black!

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