Venn FB Coffee Beans Feed Berwick St Blend There is a new kid on our ever expanding street blends block! Introducing the Berwick St Blend, a creamy and smooth chocolate mix designed perfectly for your espresso. With tasting notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and clementine, this beauty mixes delightfully with your milk or can be enjoyed on its own.  1868 fb-p-6879266013376 fb-v-40719428059328 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans chocolate Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut and Clementine 1.025 kg India Tiger Mountain Feel good story! Each bag of India Tiger Mountain sold supports the conservation and research of Indian tigers in Kahna National Park in the Mandla and Balaghat regions of India. 21st Century Tiger is a new conservation project utilising state-of-the-art technology which will revolutionise our understanding of the behaviour and movement of tigers in the wild.  India Tiger Mountain is exclusive to our green supplier and produces a bright and clean cup that is delicious as an espresso ! 1868 fb-p-6140892283072 fb-v-37928833646784 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans brightFruit Grapefruit, Smoked Almonds and Brown Sugar 1.025 kg Colombia La Jacoba The Colombia La Jacoba is from Union, in Narino state and is grown in the volcanic mountain soils of the Colombia Macizo Range. This crop has been cultivated with great care by small-scale farmers and their families. The farmers apply a traditional artisan practice to growing coffee free of chemicals. Mature berries are hand picked all year round and soaked in mountain - sourced water to remove skins. The careful production process ensures a low environmental impact and a reliable and sustainable supply. Featuring tasting notes of dark chocolate, blackcurrant and cherry this is an extremely versatile single origin - suitable for crisp cold brew, a robust espresso and everything in between. 1868 fb-p-6147225813184 fb-v-37890487189696 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans sweetFruit Cherry, Blackcurrant and Dark Chocolate 0.12 kg Guatemala Rio Azul This coffee is brought to you from the 186 member cooperative, Rio Azul. Located in the remote town of Jacaltenango in Western Guatemala, the cooperative was founded in 1967 and has a long history of producing some of the best coffee exported from the Huehuetenango region. The farmers have comprehensive control over various stages of post harvest processing, being located close to the cooperatives own wet mill. Members of the cooperative engage with social development projects within the wider community. They have recently implemented an alternative income project raising bees to improve pollination and produce honey. This sweet coffee pairs beautifully with milk as a medium intensity espresso.  1868 fb-p-6815193563328 fb-v-40391215120576 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans chocolate Milk Chocolate, Coconut and Pear 1.025 kg Tanzania Mt Kilimanjaro Grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, under the shade of inter cropping banana trees, this coffee is hand picked and produced predominantly by small farms in volcanic soil. The low morning and night time temperatures of this altitude slow and lengthen the ripening period allowing ample time for the cherries to develop. Some of the coffee plants are over ninety years old with their roots deep in the soil in search of nutrients. 1868 fb-p-6147324215488 fb-v-37890896953536 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans brightFruit Grapefruit, Toffee and Malt 1.025 kg Brazil Terra Preta This bean was grown by Fernanda Raucci, in the Alta Mogiana region of São Paulo, Brazil, at her fazenda (farm), Terra Preta. Fernanda is the 4th generation owner of the farm, passed down through her family, and today manages over 236 hectares of Catuai coffee trees. It is clear that Terra Preta invested in supplying only the best quality and ethically sourced coffees to the world. With international certifications from Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certificate and associations with AMSC (Alta Mogiana Speciality Coffees), the farm is constantly striving to better themselves. Dried with fruit intact for up to 15 days post-harvest, these beans are full of rich and well developed flavours. Featuring tasting notes of Nutella, pear & sweet plum, this versatile coffee can be enjoyed black, or with milk (both dairy & alternatives). 1868 fb-p-6717151445184 fb-v-40002990866624 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans nuts Nutella, Pear and Plum 1.025 kg Alday St Blend The second of our Venn blends may be named after a small street, but just like it, it is filled with warmth and sweetness. With notes of macadamia, honey and orange blossom, it plays beautifully with all milks on espresso, and makes for a tasty pour over too!  1868 fb-p-6796259459264 fb-v-40310755918016 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans brightFruit Macadamia, Honey and Orange Blossom 1.025 kg Mexico Decaf Our decaf has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process (SWP). This process uses water to gently remove 99.9% of the caffeine from green beans while maintaining the bean's distinctive origin and flavour characteristics. SWP coffees are free of added chemicals and are processed using the cleanest water possible. These certified Organic coffee beans have been roasted to smooth and creamy perfection, ready to be served as an espresso or with milk!  1868 fb-p-6815210176704 fb-v-40391300284608 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans nuts Peanut Brittle, Milk Chocolate and Apricot 1.025 kg East Timor Maubisse This coffee is brought to you by The Cooperative Café Timor (CCT) which was founded in 2000, and today has nearly 20,000 members from sixteen base cooperatives and 494 small-scale farming groups. In 2001 the CCT obtained Fairtrade certification, and has since implemented healthcare and educational programs all of which are accessible to co-op members and their communities. Notes of apricot and hazelnut compliment the dark chocolate finish which make this a wonderful choice for fans of a delicately sweet espresso which pairs well both with milk and without.  1868 fb-p-7132090073280 fb-v-41608354988224 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans sweetFruit Apricot, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut 1.025 kg Colombia Timana ASPROTIMANA was formed in 2001 as an initiative of 32 producers. The cooperative is based in the district of Huila and includes 22 villages located across the Timana, Elijah and Suaza areas. The cooperative’s name is derived from the Timanaes tribe that originally inhabited the region. The cooperative was founded on the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability as well as quality led production. This coffee is shade-grown at high altitude which leads to higher quality beans for consumers. A robust, full bodied espresso with a velvety mouthfeel - the Colombia Timana is ideally served as a strong espresso (with or without milk) or as a cold brew. 1868 fb-p-7161809371328 fb-v-41781238333632 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans chocolate Dark Chocolate, Malt and Prune 1.025 kg Brazil Andira Andirá is a municipality in the state of Paraná, in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. The municipality is well known for delivering excellent quality naturally processed coffee, with this bean coming from a collection of small coffee growers.  Cerrado Mineiro's  seasoned farmers use all available technologies to advance production by growing coffees that offer balanced and smooth profiles. The coffee plantations are cultivated in areas with altitudes varying between 800 and 1,300 meters, the result being high quality coffees with a unique identity! 1868 fb-p-6800961372352 fb-v-40333601996992 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans nuts Brazil Nuts, Toasted Coconut and Molasses 1.025 kg McMillan St Blend McMillan St connects many residents of 6100 to the surrounding suburb of Kensington.  Intersecting with Berwick St, we thought it the perfect street to continue our journey into Victoria Park. If you are a fan of robust coffee with a buttery mouthfeel then this four bean blend will be a day-changing brew to kickstart your morning. Featuring tasting notes of butter, roasted peanuts and raisin this is a rich and creamy cup - perfect for a long macchiato topped up with milk. 1868 fb-p-7185982456000 fb-v-42045646307520 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans nuts Butter, Roasted Peanuts and Raisins 1.025 kg Brazil Guima Estate We are proud to bring you this delightful coffee from Guima Estate. Guima is an award-winning and conservation-focused coffee farm group, proudly managed by women under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Mariana Caetano Polcaro. The Guima coffee brand was established with the goal of producing high-quality coffees through a variety of environmentally focused practices, including reduced energy and water usage, more modern equipment with lower diesel consumption. The estate is also committed to maintaining the preservation of the local Cerrado flora and fauna across all farms, following through with their UTZ  and Rainforest Alliance certifications. Guima also provides community gardening, cultural activities and environmental education programs in its community, encouraging a sustainable quality of life for its many producers.  With a tea-like body and Brazil nut finish, this coffee is perfect for both filter and medium strength espresso.   1868 fb-p-6884387979456 fb-v-40739215671488 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans floral Jasmine Tea, Brazil Nuts and Toasted Coconut 1.025 kg Indonesia Aceh Tengah The Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan Cooperative (KBQB) have provided us with the beans for our Indonesia Aceh Tengah. The K BQ B  involves over 8,000 members in villages throughout Bener Meriah and Aceh Tengah which are situated around Lake Tawar. These members are organised at village level into 123 groups. K BQ B Cooperative have implemented several different community development projects, including a micro-finance bank that cooperative members can join and a land rehabilitation project that focuses on bringing land abandoned during conflict back into production. This coffee is magic as an aromatic pourover, with notes of brown spice, cedar and green apple. 1868 fb-p-7217076830400 fb-v-42342373654720 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans herbalSpicy Brown Spice, Cedar and Green Apple 1.025 kg Ethiopia Gedeb The majority of coffees grown in Gedeb are local landrace varieties (which are often also called Ethiopian heirloom). Other varieties grown in the region were developed by the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC). JARC is an important research center for Ethiopia and has done a great deal of work on developing disease-resistant and high-yielding varieties that still demonstrate quality in the cup.  Most farmers in the region farm on fewer than 5 hectares with cultivation methods remaining traditional - coffee is grown as part of an integrated ‘coffee garden’, and intercropped with other food crops.  In addition to remaining traditionally intercropped, most farms are also organic-by-default. Farmers in Yirgacheffe typically use very few—if any—fertilisers or pesticides. All coffee is selectively hand-harvested before being delivered to a collection center or directly to the washing station. This is a complex and bright cup. Featuring notes of apricot nectar, limoncello and elderflower, it shines as a strong coffee to be enjoyed without milk. It is an exceptional choice for those enjoying a single espresso or a filter style coffee. 1868 fb-p-7200250757312 fb-v-42193942741184 new 45.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans floral Apricot Nectar, Limoncello and Elderflower 1.025 kg Colombia Pitalito The Las Cascadas Community Program has been created with the purpose of continuing the close relationships with producers and associations in Colombian coffee growing areas. The program has implemented a system that involves a more sustainable and traceable path within the global supply chain. This particular effort has increased the social wellbeing of the local community, with over 400 families now involved in the program! The quality of the coffee is closely supervised by a knowledgable lab that assesses the entire production process to ensure clean sweet flavours in every cup. This bean has a soft, tea-like body, perfect for filter coffee with notes of white peach and hazelnut and a sweet honey finish. 1868 fb-p-7163001176256 fb-v-41791930499264 new 48.00 AUDin stock Venn SPY-COFFEE-BEANS Beans floral White Peach, Hazelnut and Chamomile 1.025 kg