Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still selling Antz Coffee?

Yes we are definitely still selling Antz Coffee and are still the #1 place to purchase from. However we now have access to some of Perth’s best coffee roasters and wanted to offer a wider range. 

Why are you changing names?

After sharing a name with Antz Coffee Co for the past 2 years the timing makes sense to forge our own identity.

Going forward in addition to having Antz beans we will also feature other local roasters in the cafe giving our community more options. On top of this we’ll also be sourcing our own green beans for roasting.  Having a greater range of coffee also means we can share more knowledge and handy tips to make the best cup off coffee from the comfort of your own home!

Are the owners still the same?

Yes our owners are still the same and so are all of your favourite team and managers. All friendly faces here at Venn.

Is anything happening with Antz Coffee Co?

Antz Coffee Co's focus is very much business as usual and they’ve continued their regular deliveries of great coffee.

Are you still selling bagels?

We sure are! We will be offering our famous bagels by The Holy Bagel Company. We're also adding to our range of sweet treats bringing back some old favourites, while introducing some new ones.

What else is changing?

Over the next few weeks our look will be changing. These changes are not only about the aesthetic they will also help with the movement of people around the cafe and make for a more comfortable environment.