Venn is committed to being environmentally friendly.

We are passionate about protecting the world that our children will grow up in and are doing our best to support environmentally friendly practices throughout our cafes.

  • Bannister Downs use recycled cardboard cartons for their deliveries (these cardboard cartons are re-purposed and used by Antz Coffee Co.), plus ecoclean packaging for their milk products
  • All of our coffee beans are delivered in 4-8kg buckets, eliminating any packaging before they end up in our store. 
  • Coffee grounds available for pick up at the back of Venn 
  • We promote the use of reusable cups and provide a 50c discount per coffee (COVID-19 regulations may apply)
  • We have Returnr cups available for use
  • Our retail coffee bags are fully compostable
  • Jam jars reused as water glasses

Thank you for supporting us and please let us know if you have further suggestions for how we can be environmentally friendly.