Burundi Nyagashia

Brown Sugar
Vanilla Malt

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Roasted by Venn
SCA Score 87
Intensity • • • ◦ ◦
Best Served Black
Origin Burundi
Region Murago
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 1530 MASL
Varietal Bourbon

From the Nyagashia washing station located outside of Burundi's capital city, Bujumbura, we bring you this stunningly delicate bean! Pronounced NIA-GASH-IYA, the name is representative of a historical tree variety that grows within the Murago region, and continues to serve in the construction of houses within the community.

The Nyagashia mill is a part of the Akawa project, a successful program to help producers escape the cycle of poverty in a sustainable and equitable way. This includes a school built for children of employers at the mill, which today educates 306 pupils. Education extends from generic classroom content all the way to a deeper understanding of coffee agriculture and sustainability, arming the youth of the area with tools for successful coffee farming in the future.

With a cooler growth climate, these cherries have developed slowly, creating greater complexity in the cup, tasting amazing on filter or as an espresso.

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