East Timor Maubisse

East Timor Maubisse

Dark Chocolate

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Roasted by Venn
SCA Score 83.0
Intensity • • • • ◦
Best Served Black or White
Origin Timor-Leste
Region Moubese
Elevation 1500 MASL
Varietals Moubese, Aifu

This coffee is brought to you by The Cooperative Café Timor (CCT) which was founded in 2000, and today has nearly 20,000 members from sixteen base cooperatives and 494 small-scale farming groups.

In 2001 the CCT obtained Fairtrade certification, and has since implemented healthcare and educational programs all of which are accessible to co-op members and their communities.

Notes of apricot and hazelnut compliment the dark chocolate finish which make this a wonderful choice for fans of a delicately sweet espresso which pairs well both with milk and without. 

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