Ethiopia Yabito Tome

Jasmine Tea
Rose Water

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Roasted by Venn
Intensity • • • ◦ ◦
Best Served Black
Origin Ethiopia
Region Yabito Tome, Uraga
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 1800 - 2050 MASL
Varietal Heirloom

Bisrat Melaku is a farmer from the Guji zone in Ethiopia striving to be a leader in quality, traceability and sustainability.

Hilly and undulating in the east and predominantly plains in the west, Bisrat Melaku's farm is a natural, highly elevated environment ideal for producing high quality coffee with unique flavour and aroma.

Their coffee is produced and processed organically, using socially responsible and environmentally friendly practices within the Yabito Tome village in the Uraga Shakiso district.

Venn are proud to roast this farms premium bean, which can be appreciated most by espresso and filter lovers alike!

Our Story

Venn is a place where coffee and community intersect. We are coffee lovers who encourage people to connect in a welcoming environment overflowing with personality and quirk. We offer a coffee experience for you to enjoy, whether it’s us making it, or you.

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